Corporate Responsibility

Construcap’s commitment to corporate sustainability is a strategic part of its business. The company is focused on the sustained improvement of its results through practices that promote social and environmental development.

Backed by the Construcap Business Commitment, the company seeks to foster the respect for and appreciation of its employees by providing them with adequate working conditions and investing in their professional and personal growth. Construcap also works to make a difference everywhere it operates in an effective and committed manner to achieve results.

Construcap Social Responsibility Programs

Social and Educational Program

The chief goal of this program is to engage, mobilize and raise the awareness of employees, clients and neighboring communities through a wealth of social and educational activities, lectures, programs and projects aimed at the wellbeing of participants.

Geared to employees and residents of neighboring communities to Construcap’s construction sites, this program aims to provide professional skills development by offering certification courses in order to bring improvements to the lives of these people, while also creating an opportunity for positive change for their future challenges and new opportunities on the job market. This program is also focused on the family sustainability of participants. Its method provides practical and theoretical knowledge, skills and capacity building, besides autonomy in their field of work.

Grêmio Colmeia Program

Since 1999 Construcap has sponsored the Grêmio Colmeia Program, which is undertaken by Colmeia – Instituição a Serviço da Juventude, an NGO that provides social services to youngsters and promotes educational, cultural and sports activities aimed at the development of children and teenagers for their personal and social growth and citizenship awareness through ethical and moral principles.
The program participants are offered for free and year-round activities such as sports, tournaments, arts, capoeira, dance, lectures, visits to exhibitions, etc. To date, over 2,000 children and teenagers have benefited from the program.

Culture and Leisure Program

This program offers cultural and leisure activities by fostering interaction among employees to strengthen their cultural capital, while facilitating their access to reading, arts and sports through activities such as soccer tournaments, domino, table tennis, gymkhanas, folk performances, film, theater plays, day trips, etc.

Digital Inclusion Program

This program seeks to provide universal access to information technologies aimed at the employees’ professional growth and development to better prepare them for the labor market. This program is not designed for employees to use IT support tools merely to exchange e-mails but rather to improve their livelihoods.

Legal Assistance Program

Free program offered in partnership with universities geared to construction site workers addressing legal issues such as family conflicts, disputes, consumer rights, etc. Employees are individually seen by a legal professional who helps them and guides them on those issues.

Financial Education Program

This program provides advice on the importance of maintaining a healthy financial life through economic awareness and responsible consumption. It seeks to educate and encourage employees to bring their expenses in line with their household income in everyday situations, while encouraging them to share these concepts with their family.

Guide to Employee Behavior – Construction Site, Workers Quarters and Dormitories

The focus of this program is to discuss personal behavior and relationship among employees by providing tips and recommendations on their rights and duties through quizzes, playful posters, and educational and interactive activities.

Family Relations and Family Planning

This program seeks to address issues related to family relations and communication between the employees and their spouses and children and also with their parents and siblings and their different family arrangements. The program focuses mainly on employees’ children’s social and cognitive development, communication with family members, and how to handle routines and problems of family living.

STD/HIV Prevention

This program seeks to disseminate information on sexually transmitted disease through regular employee awareness campaigns. The program covers existing STDs and their prevention, symptoms, and treatment. It also seeks to offer easy and free access to condoms on Construcap’s construction sites.

Guidance on Legal and Illegal Drugs

This program seeks to sensitize employees on the use of legal and illegal drugs, their side effects and consequences in the social, family and work environment through testimonials from people with chemical dependency problems

Fight Against Abuse of Chilren and Teenagers

This program is aimed at educating employees on child and teenager sex abuse and its consequences, as well as informing them of the whistleblower channels available for this end.


The company offers free haircuts to site workers, thus ensuring money and time savings.

Donation of Used Uniforms

Used employee uniforms are donated to charitable institutions located around the company’s construction sites helping them raise money and contributing to sustainability.

Winter Clothes Campaign

This campaign seeks to sensitize and mobilize the company’s workforce towards helping socially vulnerable groups living around its worksites.

Employee Onboarding and Termination Program

This program aims to help new employees become acquainted with the company’s rules, philosophy, code of conduct, and quality standards and help terminated employees cope with their new reality.

Food Quality and Food Preference Survey

To monitor the quality of the food served to employees and their choice of food the company hires a nutritionist who pays regular visits to its construction sites. The nutritionist provides guidance about food quality and the best ways to store each type of food.

Community Relations

Construcap is committed to strengthening the relationship between its construction projects and local communities. For this, the company has established various communication channels necessary for a balanced relationship between the company, its workforce, local communities and other stakeholders to ensure the implementation of projects with the lowest possible impact on the local reality.

To accomplish this, the company is committed to all stages of construction – mobilization, development and demobilization – so that any doubt or question from neighbors concerning the project, such as information about the construction, changes to the neighborhood, and issues related to safety and quality of life can be clarified in an integrated manner.

Interface with the Community

Construcap seeks to previously establish a direct communication channel with local communities through a continuing dialogue during all stages of the construction to report on its progress and minimize possible communication breakdowns.

Interface with the Community Interface with the Community

Guidance on Rules of Conduct

The company guides its internal audience and service providers on its rules of conduct towards the local community, i.e., appreciation of and respect for the local culture.

Guidance on Rules of Conduct Guidance on Rules of Conduct

Volunteering Initiatives

Solidary actions for local development.

Volunteering Initiatives Volunteering Initiatives Volunteering Initiatives Volunteering Initiatives Volunteering Initiatives Volunteering Initiatives Volunteering Initiatives Volunteering Initiatives

Commemorative Dates

The goal of this initiative is to promote employee interaction, improve the workplace environment, while also valuing and motivating all members of our team.

Birthdays of the Month

The company celebrates the birthday of its site employees with all their co-workers.

Children’s Day

Every October on Children’s Day, Construcap organizes a day of leisure and fun activities for the children of site workers to interact with children living in charitable homes near the company’s construction sites.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

The company celebrates these special days and pays tribute to its working mothers and fathers by hosting a party for them.

Labor Day

Construcap celebrates Labor Day to reflect on the importance of work and its employees’ achievements, responsibilities and commitment to the company.

Solidary Christmas

Christmas for Construcap is a time to awaken the spirit of solidarity among its employees and help charitable institutions located around the company’s construction sites.

International Women’s Day

Construcap celebrates this important day for the achievements of women, their role in society and the fight against women violence.

June Festivities

The company celebrates the traditional June festivities with its employees and guests with a bonfire, food and folk dances.