Integrity Program

Based on the belief that good engineering, technical capacity, efficiency and competitiveness are Construcap’s essential predicates to continue developing, the Company decided to enhance its existing Integrity Program.

Integrity Committee

The ethical environment permeates Construcap.

With the implementation of the Integrity Program, an Integrity Committee was organized. This Committee consists of the senior management of the company, and evaluates the adherence of all employees to the guidelines of our Code of Conduct, in addition to fighting any other acts against the law, the company’s internal regulations and the contents of the Business Commitment.

To develop Integrity Program-related activities, a proper, autonomous structure with direct access to leaderships was created.

Integrity Committee

Business Commitment

As a way to emphasize the pillars of our business conduct, integrity, security and excellence, Construcap reformulated its Business Commitment to emphasize the importance of these values in its relationship with clients, collaborators, partners and other stakeholders.

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Business Commitment

Training and Qualification

Construcap believes in the process of improvement and continuous development and promotes training on topics as business integrity, conflicts of interest, respect for communities and the environment, non-discrimination, rejection of all forms of harassment, appreciation of free competition and labor relationships, respect for free association, rejection of child and slavery-like labor to its employees.

Communication Channel

Construcap maintains a direct communication channel, with guaranteed confidentiality, secrecy and non-retaliation, available to all.

The company strongly encourages the use of this channel by all its employees, partners and other stakeholders.

Professional Training Program

Code of Conduct

As the embodiment of the "Construcap Soul", the Code of Conduct prepared under the Integrity Program brings guidelines that indicate the form our employees must perform daily activities.

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