Inova Saúde (Hospital Equipment, Maintenance and Construction Services)

Inova Saúde was established in 2014 for the construction of three major hospitals and the supply of healthcare equipment, maintenance and management of non-health related services.

The hospitals will be built in São Paulo State in the cities of São Paulo (218 beds), Sorocaba (250 beds) and São José dos Campos (158 beds) totaling 626 beds.

Construction timeframe:

  • Hospital São Paulo: 36 months
  • Hospital Sorocaba: 30 months
  • Hospital São José dos Campos: 30 months

Timeframe for Management of Non-Health Related Services:

  • 17 years

Avenida Doutora Ruth Cardoso, 8501 - 32º andar, CEP 05425-070, Pinheiros, São Paulo (SP), Phone number: +55 (11) 3017-8000

Minas Arena - Gestão de Instalações Esportivas S/A (Sports Facilities Management)

Construcap has largely contributed to the provision of infrastructure services in Brazil. As such, the company was a pioneer in public-private partnership in the country and is responsible for the design, construction and operation of Minas Arena Stadium (“Mineirão”) located in the city of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais State.

Learn more at:
Estádio do Mineirão - Minas Arena

Concer Cia de Concessão Rodoviária Juiz de Fora - Rio

Established in 1995, Concer enabled the rehabilitation of the highway between Rio de Janeiro and Juiz de Fora (BR040). The highway has met the growing demand for logistics and transport services in the regions it serves. Concer has carried out several works on the BR040, like the expansion of lanes in the Baixada Fluminense region, the duplication of the stretch between Matias Barbosa and Juiz de Fora, and also the mountain stretch leading to the city of Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro State.

Rodovia Washington Luis, 13.892 - CEP 25213-005 -

Jd. Primavera - Duque de Caxias – RJ - Brazil

Phone: (+5521) 2676-1400